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Travfx: Online and Offline

Travfx: Online and Offline – Maneuvering between both holds the Key to Success

The online medium – the Internet, has boomed & is now an essential part of every individual’s daily life. For few business houses, it is their bread & butter and for few it is a new age coming.

For an entrepreneur, both these mediums are very important when it comes towards customer satisfaction & adding to the topline. For some, online is a powerful revenue generator but offline support plays a major touch point.

At Travfx, we believe in both online as well as offline modes to connect with our customers and provide the utmost satisfaction on every aspect. For instance, online travel agencies represent the airline industry and Websites are today a powerful revenue generator for airlines. As indicated by market research data, almost 75 percent of air tickets today are bought online. E-Commerce and automation of business processes such as web check-in have largely enhanced the convenience of air travel. Added to that is the increasing popularity of the smart phone, which is expected to play an active role in customer relationship management and revenue generation in the time to come.

No matter how strong the online channel becomes, the offline channel or the airline customer service contact center will still continue to be a critical touch point between the airlines and its passengers, thanks to the 'personal' touch it brings. For many service-related complaints and challenges, passengers still prefer to 'speak' with a customer service agent. In many instances, customers often drop off from making an online purchase of air tickets or travel packages because of technical errors, slow Website speed, or during the billing process using debit / credit cards. Such customers can be retained by the intelligent convergence of the online and offline channels, either by the smart placement of the customer service contact center number or by activating a click-to-call feature either on the airlines’ Website or on the travel agencies' Websites. Where the online channel fails, the offline channel – the customer service contact center can take over smoothly to solve customer queries or problems.

It thus makes sense that for every industry , the internet or digitalization of business is nothing but an essential to stay and survive the future while offline / brick-motor mode is the face of a business for those who want to experience the "Personal touch"