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Best Prepaid Forex Cards in India

Best Prepaid Forex Cards in India

Are you planning to travel abroad or are you a frequent traveller? If yes, this blog is truly helpful for you to understand prepaid Forex cards. While travelling, you may realize that using a Forex card might result in significant savings. For this, you need to approach the best one from all the options. Most individuals are in a dilemma, which Forex card should you pick? If you are one of them, don't worry, TravFX’s extensively experienced experts tell you some of the top Indian currency cards.

You should Know Top Prepaid Forex Cards

  1. Multi-Currency Forex Travel Card from TravFX

Forex cards are issued on either the visa or master card platform. So it is immaterial who the issuer of the card is. Looking at the features, again are more or less the same, offered by various issuing banks. One differentiator is the whether destination currency is available on the card or not. But the major differentiator is the rate applied and after-sales service. Travfx’s partners are authorised stockiest of cards of multiple banks & issuers and provide the best rates for forex cards.

  1. Multi-Currency Travel Card from YES Bank

In terms of affordability and security, you can use the YES bank Multi-Currency travel card. It is among the finest forex cards in India and provides an online customer support site for prepaid cards.

Moreover, you can manage this card at any time and from any location. While using it you may view the last 10 transactions on your card and many other important things.

  1. Axis Bank Foreign Exchange Card

Using this card, you can travel hassle-free without worrying about loading your card with new currency. Furthermore, there is no loading issue you need each time when you visit a new location. You are protected from any currency swings with this exchange card.

You may be surprised to know after travelling, this card also enables you to pay out your balance transfer. With this, you can make a purchase by just waving your card in front of the contactless scanner.

  1. MasterCard MakeMyTrip HDFC Bank ForexPlus

This MasterCard features chip & PIN-enabled transactions, and backup card availability. Moreover, there is also an opportunity to temporarily block the card. This is popular among travellers because of a number of advantages.

  1. Travel Card from ICICI Bank

As you know, it is one of India's biggest private sector banks. They also provide users with a currency card. While taking services you can obtain a brand-new replacement card that can be promptly activated in the case of theft or loss.

Users can choose the desired travel card for you from a variety offered by ICICI. They include Sapphiro, Student, Goibibo, Coral, and Multi-Currency travel cards. You can rest assured while using them because all are the finest FX cards available in India.

  1. Card HDFC Regalia ForexPlus

With this card, you can easily travel without issue and also without being concerned about out-of-country fees. This card is designed with advanced technology and offers a variety of incredible features. These features are contactless payment, free insurance, urgent cash delivery, and international acceptance.

Due to these features, you can access airport lounges at Indian international airports. In addition to this, in case you are not travelling, you can temporarily disable your card through Net banking.

Final Words

In conclusion, using a Forex card is one of the best ways to manage your finances while travelling overseas. These cards are secure and can easily replace your cash at a lower cost. But TravFX suggests that before choosing the best one, you should know about a few factors. These aspects help you while using a forex card with foreign currencies loaded on it. Also, help you in terms of reasonable exchange rates.